Amare, Anale

︎LED programming

︎ In collaboration with Emma Hanny & Dominika Badyla

︎ Exhibited at Amare, Den Haag
We want to express radical care through understanding the 'metabolic' flows of Amare as a building and being.

The building of Amare has many things flowing through it. Solar energy and rainwater are collected on the roof, geothermal heating & cooling systems exist underground. There are different waste streams leaving the building through the docks.
Our goal is to show the result of this research into Amare’s so called 'metabolism' to the visitors and inhabitants of the building in the form of a tall hanging lamp installation: The Vein of Amare.
This installation represents the vertical in- and outflows of Amare by visualizing and translating it into data flowing through a long LED light string.