Micro Messages

︎3D printing

Domestic data. Missed connection. Modern loneliness.

In a fast paced and convenience driven culture microwaves heat up our food almost instantly. Being intrigued by this tiny moment in time waiting for the microwave to beep I started looking for a way to connect people in this usually lonely moment.

In this work microwaves are transformed into a network of communication. Messages can be broadcasted from your phone to every microwave in the network. This physical network of kitchens will be an accessible way to broadcast thoughts and ideas onto a physical object, instead of having it wander through the cloud.

By scanning the QR code from a fridge magnet you will be directed to a web environment where you submit your message. Once submitted your message will only be visible on the microwaves in the network it is distributed to. Only people who are physically present in a kitchen witch a microwave can go through these messages using the rotating knob. All messages are sent anonymously and reset at midnight.