Creative code blocks

︎creative coding
︎screen printing

︎ In collaboration with Creative Coding Utrecht

︎ Presented at Iterations Creative Coding symposium 2023
Making coding for the first time accessible and fun. This is a work in progress, more information will follow!

During my time as artist in residency at Creative Coding Utrecht I have had the oppurtunity to develop and craft educational resources for children and teenagers, introducing them to the wonderful world of creative coding.

Using wooden blocks that I designed they can easily form their first line of code, taking away the sometimes daunting task of learning syntax. By using Hydra, a visual livecoding environment made by Olivia jack, the code will create fast and impressive result, giving motivation to keep experimenting with coding.

The goal is to offer a straightforward and fun way for learners to get into coding. It's a friendly and educational approach that aims to keep things simple while teaching important coding skills.



︎Twitter API

︎Exhibited at Alexandrium Rotterdam
What does activism mean when it can be done from the comfort of your own home? What if it is the only option you have? 

Pressing the button will disperse tweets related to activism that are fetched live from the Twitter API, creating a chaos of messages. Spreading them all around the globe and making them almost uncomprehensible as a result.

We are Technology

︎Edirol V4 video mixer
︎Depth sensor

︎ Exhibited at Erasmus Data Summit 2023

︎ Interview by Willem De Kooning Academy
‘we are technology’ is an interactive experimental video installation about the representation of women in the tech industry.

Studying IT for 2 years really opened my eyes to how women are still underrepresented and not taken as seriously within the tech world.
For a big part this bias can be attributed to the lack of representation and role models that’s still existing in our world today. 

The installation explores this lack of representation as a feedback loop that will keep strengthening itself if we don’t break the cycle and start listening to what women really need to be comfortable in the industry.


︎Hydra video synth

︎Exhibited at Vogelfrei, Utrecht
This work was created as part of Digital Care: Remko Scha organized by LIMA Media Art in collaboration with Creative Coding Utrecht

Inspired by Remko’s Artificial I created an interactive installation that creates completely unique, computer generated artworks that are created and destroyed with the press of a button. By adding human agency to the authority of the computer, i’m exploring the influence of intentionality and ephemerality of computer generated art.

︎︎︎Try the generative program in your browser

︎︎︎Read more about the project here

Amare, Anale

︎LED programming

︎ In collaboration with Emma Hanny & Dominika Badyla

︎ Exhibited at Amare, Den Haag
We want to express radical care through understanding the 'metabolic' flows of Amare as a building and being.

The building of Amare has many things flowing through it. Solar energy and rainwater are collected on the roof, geothermal heating & cooling systems exist underground. There are different waste streams leaving the building through the docks.
Our goal is to show the result of this research into Amare’s so called 'metabolism' to the visitors and inhabitants of the building in the form of a tall hanging lamp installation: The Vein of Amare.
This installation represents the vertical in- and outflows of Amare by visualizing and translating it into data flowing through a long LED light string.